The term “goals” is overused and has largely lost meaning for me personally. Instead, I have “projects”. “Goals” just sounds too vague and distant but a project, I feel like I can create actionable tasks for something like that.

While many are ok with just doing the 9-5 and then Netflix until bed thing, I’ve found that I need projects (no matter how small) to keep me sane. I’ve never been good at getting home from work and just plopping down on the couch anyway.

Whether you call them side hustles, moonlighting, or gigs, I believe we all need to build and work on a list of personal pursuits.

Look, I’m not saying my projects are anything worthwhile to you, I’m really just making them public for myself. But maybe one of them will resonate with you and you’ll take it on too or think of a way to collaborate. 

  • The Day of Activities
    • How many true outdoors can I fit into one day? Thinking along the lines of sunrise walk, trail run, mountain bike ride, rucking, rock climbing, sunset photo walk, etc. Idea inspired by YogaSlackers.
  • 50 Sunrises and 50 Sunsets in 50 States
    • Photograph, video, paint, experience, etc. Not in 50 days though. That's crazy.
  • Website Idea: Virtual Treasure Box
    • You send in your favorite treasures and “memories” and they get 360 degree captured and added to a virtual trophy case or showroom online. You can keep it private or make it publicly viewable. There’s also the ability to add themes; den, library, modern gallery, trophy case, etc.
  • Cross Country Golf Cart Trip
    • Idea? Travel across the country in an unmodified golf cart. I guess I'd have to make a few modifications to make it street legal but overall it would be stock. The hard part would be planning through route to avoid high altitude passes and high speeds in general.
  • Google Street View the entire Appalachian Trail
  • Weird Certifications
    • I think it would be really cool to get certified in some unusual things. Here are some. Here are some more.
  • Product Idea: Metallic Brim Hat
    • For holding nails and screws instead of sticking them in your mouth. A better idea may be magnetic piece that fits over any hat brim. This way you can still wear your favorite hat. Yeah, that's a better idea.
  • 1 Week of Open Flame Cooking
    • Start a fire out back and cook every meal over it. I'm not a good cook by any means so it might be pretty tricky for me but I think it'd be a fun experiment.
  • 1 Week of One
    • Not a good title but what if you just used 1 thing of everything for 1 week. Still that's not very clear but I mean outfit (washing each night), cup, plate, utensils, etc.
  • Website Idea: Brand Name or Generic
    • - Should you buy the brand name or generic brand of a certain food item? Saving money vs flavor because not all foods are equal. Herr's Cheese Curls > generic cheese curls
  • [Old] Website Idea: Is there a new Office?
    • - The site is simple, just go to the URL and in large font, you'll see either a "YES" or "NO". How do I automate it? Pull data from a TV guide schedule or something?
  • Service Idea: Yard Surfing
    • Pretty much exactly the idea of couch surfing but for people that may have more yard space than couch space and maybe they don't feel comfortable opening their home up to neighbors. Thinking of people with a bit of land. Wait, I may have just loosely described Hipcamp...
  • Product Idea: Motorcycle Socks
    • Sometimes you may have to commute to work on your motorcycle while wearing your dress clothes. Instead of wearing boots to protect your ankles, just wear your dress shoes and these socks that will protect your ankles in the event of an accident. These socks feature thin but strong, tear resistant fibers (kevlar?). You can also buy one of two inserts (soft D3O or semi-rigid plating). What to call them? Ankle Armor, Rhino Hide...
  • Product Idea: Gargyle (or Argoyle) Socks
    • Yeah, two sock ideas in a row. These socks look just like your usual argyle socks but have a gargoyle design to them. 
  • Political Pokemon
    • This is ridiculous, I know. But some politicians names sound like Pokemon. Salazar, Pelosi, etc. I'm not fully sure where I was going with this one.
  • "Guaca Guaca Mole!" Shirt/Stickers
    • Fozzie Bear and avocado/guacamole
  • Service Idea: YouTube Memories
    • Send in your home movies to get digitized and put on your YouTube account so you can watch and share from anywhere. Playlists separated by year? Honestly, it's probably best to just upload your home movies yourself and save the money.
  • 7 Summits in 7 Days (of Old Rag Mountain)
    • Each day, summit, take photos, weather info, video, share history of the area, interview hikers, update social media, test gear, etc. Why? I just like to get my money's worth out of things and the park admission is good for 7 days.
  • Product Idea: Dual Purpose Water Bottle
    • I have two water bottle cages on my mountain bike and in one, I keep a normal cycling water bottle with just tools in it (that won't fit in my seat bag) and in the other cycling water bottle, just water. What if there were a bottle that had split compartments? Eh, probably not a great idea.
  • Product Idea: Retractable Dog Leash Bike Handlebar Grip
    • Features a quick release in case the dog pulls extremely hard, a semi-rigid plastic guide to keep the dog at least a certain distance from the bike, and a motorcycle throttle style design for locking/unlocking/retracting the leash.
  • How far can you go on a lunch break?
    • Drive, take the train, whatever, just go for distance and make it back to work in time.