Stuff I Use


This is stuff I want to share because I like it. Some of it may be affiliate based but I genuinely like what it is and think you will too. Enjoy.

  • Capital One 360 (formerly ING Direct) - I’ve been a customer for years and highly recommend it. Sign up through my link and get $25 when you open a savings account and $50 when you open a checking account. No minimums and no fees. Seriously.

  • Droplr - Quick and easy way of sharing just about anything. Get $10 credit if you sign up through my link.

  • Evernote - I don’t know how I stay organized without it.

  • GORUCK - I have some of their gear and have also done a few events. Everything I needed for 10 days in Thailand fit into my GR2; no roller board for me.

  • EVERGOODS - High quality and well designed gear. I personally recommend the MPL30 for all your outdoor adventures.

  • Hover - Looking to buy a domain name? Use these guys. Easy, clean, and simple.

  • Squarespace - Are you looking to build a site? Talk to me first and get 6 month trial and 20% off your first year.

  • Huckberry - Sign up for free and get $10 credit* for your first purchase (through this link only). Update: I’m not sure if this link still works but you should sign up for a Huckberry account anyway. Great products and a killer email newsletter.

  • REI - Been a member for years and buy almost all of my outdoor gear from them. Great customer service and return policy too. 

Everyday Carry

A lot of people ask what I carry on a daily basis. It changes a little now and then but this is roughly it.