My "True" Resume


I already have my Walter Mitty resume but this is different. This is me, tooting my own horn, without the pomp and frills that consumes the common resume.

A résumé is a document used by a person to present their backgrounds and skills.
— Wikipedia
  • I’ve found that I’m well suited for carrying heavy things over long distances. Be they physical or emotional in nature.

  • When dining with another person, I’m excellent at match their pace so our meals are finished at the same time, seemingly naturally.

  • I pride myself on making one trip. Groceries, laundry, doesn't matter.

  • I've purposely never dabbed nor used a fidget spinner. Somehow I feel those two go together.

  • I'm really good at holding my bladder.

  • I’m great at using my windshield wipers at an appropriate speed. Never too fast, never too infrequent. And I’m quite proud of the intentionality behind my high beam usage at night.

  • While I enjoy helping those around me, I stick to my New England resolve when it comes to my own needs.

  • I always put my shopping cart back in the corral and can often be seen putting others’ back as well.

  • I’m exceptional at keeping secrets. Sources not available upon request.