Initial Thoughts on the iPad

iPad? Really? Is it sponsored by Tampax? The name is just a little odd but it will probably grow on me.

The iPad is cool. There, I said it. But that doesn't mean I'm lining up to buy it.
And if you don't think it's cool then you are probably lying. You know you will ogle the crap out of if you see a person in public with one. But maybe just because it's new...

The Good

- It looks cool
- Bigger videos
- Bigger games
- Developers will start taking advantage of its size and hopefully make some cool new apps
- You can hook a keyboard up to it.

The Bad

- It's not a "computer" - It runs iPhone OS right? Not OSX
- Can you really only put 4 apps in the bottom dock?
- Until apps are made to fit, most will look very odd being tiny or blown up
- No word on multitasking
- Wha?! No camera at all?

What iPad would HAVE to have for me to buy one today:

- Camera for video chatting
- Dual OSX and iPhone operating systems
- …. Can't think of anything more but I know there's more!


I'm pretty thrilled about the cost of it BUT only for the $499 version. I thought they were going to charge a ton just because they could. Kudos. I understand that the larger drives and the addition of 3G is a plus but not truly needed for what I plan on using it for.

Which one would I buy?

I would buy the 16GB WiFi only model. Why? Because it would be a supplement to my iPhone, not a replacement. I wouldn't bring it with me to the super market so that's where the iPhone steps in. The iPad would be in my backpack to bring to work or the airport and stuff like that. Mostly it would be for when I get a chance to sit down and get comfortable.

I live on my iPhone comes out everywhere! While in line at Taco Bell, walking to the Metro, riding my bike. To me, those are situations where I would use the iPhone over the iPad for sure.

Also, WiFi is [almost] everywhere and will only continue to grow so I don't think that not having 3G would be a problem, as long as I have an iPhone that is.

Overall Thought

If I can get a hold of $499, then I would go for the 16GB iPad WiFi. That way my wife can use my MacBook Pro and I can surf on something larger than the iPhone. But I don't see it as second household computer. More of an iPod Touch on steroids. I'll really have to get some hands on time to make a better decision. So much to digest!

Q. What would you like to see it have? Do you feel the price justifies what it can do?

**Sorry if this is sloppy but I just wanted to post it real fast**