Real-ler first post.

It's been a really long time since I've blogged. I seem to have accounts on everything these days and maybe I'm spread too thin.

Blogger was what I used to blog in and even though it's not as cool as Wordpress and Tumblr (which I have), I think if I come back to my "roots" then maybe my creative juices will start to flow again.

So what's up? I didn't even know I had this "domain" name! I went to it to see if it was taken, and it was. At first I was like "Crap!" but then I saw the first post and read my Xanga address! Crazy! So after some password recovery from an email address I never ever use anymore, I'm back in. As you can tell.

Not much else to say right now except I feel as if I'm in college (I loved blogging then).

Note to self: Check this out:

Oh, and here is a pic I took today and put on DailyBooth. I like blog posts with color!

The Potomac River as seen from my Metro ride into work. (Original photo: