First Full Day with iOS4 on 3GS

Well, I've had just about a full day to tinker and play with the new operating system on my iPhone 3GS and I have some thoughts.

There is a lot that I like but if I had to pick just one thing to have because I find it the most useful, it would be 'folders.'

But let me list the features I liked and the ones I didn't.


- Super fast camera! It almost takes the pic faster than the shutter sound can go off!
- Folders has saved my life. I went from a full 11 pages to 5.
- Wallpaper is a nice addition and I didn't find even a portrait to be too busy. But that's a personal preference.
- I love the new "places" feature in the camera roll. I can view the pics I took with my iPhone camera on a map which sometimes makes it easier to find specific pictures.
- With the new screen rotation lock, I'm sure emailing and tweeting from bed will be much easier!
- You can now adjust your spotlight searching. I want apps to have a higher priority than emails and notes just under apps.
- Real spellcheck! Even has the little squiggly red underline thing. Very easy to use.
- One of the most fun surprises was that my Bluetooth keyboard would pair and let me type a note or email etc. Felt like a real laptop!
- When shooting a video, you can now touch to focus and change the auto iris.

- Still no way to add image in email while composing. Well, no easy way. One way is to be in the email, double click the home button, go to pics, click and hold to copy pic, double click home button, back to email and paste. I recommend it should behave like Tweetie, I mean Twitter for iPhone.
- I want the entire screen (apps and all) to rotate when i rotate the device. Like the iPad.

- Swiping from page to page feels fluid sometimes but choppy other times.
- Still getting used to using a centralized inbox but they have all the mailboxes separate of you want them like the old way.
- I like how iBooks highlights and you can email a note but I want to be able to email those notes. And even have a "lending" feature so I can share iBooks with friends.
- Multitasking works well although I got used to the double press of my home button being quick access to my camera but now it's used to access multitasking.