Brothers, Bricks, and Summits

I check my watch as we reach the first real lookout. Our pace is good and this rocky ledge beckons for a break. I don't fight it.

As I ease the ruck off my shoulders, I begin to wonder if bringing bricks on this trip was worth it. When I checked the weight of my loaded ruck back at the house, the scale read 35 pounds exactly. With four bricks, water, food, first aid... it felt heavy.

This was my third time on Old Rag Mountain and I knew what to expect but the weight was proving to be a game changer.

These bricks have come to mean something special to me. Too many times do we take the easy way. That doesn't mean it's wrong but there is almost always more reward when you choose the hard way.

Summiting Old Rag Mountain that day was difficult but rewarding. I discovered that if you find yourself moving too fast, grab a few bricks. And a friend. Enjoy the adventure.

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