Eyes on the Sky

Since as far back as I can remember, I've been interested in all things aviation. The past few years, the interest has been pretty dormant but the last couple months has been a completely different story.

I've been finding myself at various flight museums, air shows, and the local municipal airport to just watch panes come and go and I can't seem to shake the flying bug.

With knowing that I want to get my pilots license someday and my personality of wanting to be as prepared as possible, I've started getting back into flight simulators (X-Plane) and I hope to have a yoke and rudder pedals soon so I can get some realistic practice in.

Both money and time are the obstacles holding me back from getting into flight school but I'm creative. I actually found some scholarships I may be able to get and just recently joined my local EAA chapter and hope to meet some useful contacts through that program.

For now, I've settled on reading articles online and watching YouTube videos to absorb as much information as possible. That sounds like it's not enough but with the amount of quality instruction online, you'd be surprised.

If you have any tips or know anyone who wants to share their 2 cents about obtaining a pilots license, send 'em my way.

Even though the photo above was taken an extremely long time ago, I think my kid brother and I did a good job of acting like we knew how to fly.