Give Some Photos Away, Get Invited To Speak at The Apple Store

I've been using Unsplash for various work projects since they launched and a few months ago decided to "give back" in my own way. I selected some photos I shot that I considered to be my favorites (and ones that I thought might just be good enough for the Unsplash crowd) and uploaded them to my account. Turns out, some of them were well received.

Back in August, a photo that I took with my iPhone was featured at the Apple Store in Montreal during an Unsplash event. It was blown up to something like 40”x56” which is awesome and something I wish I could’ve seen in person.

Well recently, Unsplash invited me to two more events. One was an event at the SoHo Apple Store and the other was a very casual get together where I was their featured photographer. Both in New York City, which I love visiting whenever I can.

Why am I telling you this? Because while I don't consider myself a professional photographer, I think it's kind of amazing that Unsplash opened some doors that I'm sure many would be jealous of. If photography is your business, wouldn't you want to show off your work like this?

What I'm recommending is that you give something away (Jeff Goins gets this idea). In my case it was photos, in yours it may be consulting time.

I feel confident in saying that if I didn't give my photos away on Unsplash, I wouldn't have been asked to be on a three person panel in front of 70 people at the SoHo Apple Store. While I don't know what's going to come from my [limited] involvement with Unsplash, I'm proud to have been given the opportunities they've extended.

Consider loosening your grip and you may be amazed at what possibilities present themselves.