Unique Content for Unique Networks

If you’re on more than one social network, you really should be using them uniquely. It looks bad if you're posting the same exact stuff to each network.

I think it was Jeff Goins that likened social networks to individual countries and how they don’t all speak the same language. Great description.

That said, I thought I'd lay out the social networks I currently use the most and a brief line on how I’m using them uniquely. Hopefully it spurs some thinking of your own (while keeping me accountable from crossposting).

  • Twitter: Short bursts (because it’s limited to 140 characters anyway). As far as the online world goes, I’m most active here and share a variety links that I find worth sharing. It's really great for sharing something quickly and forces me to be succinct.
  • Facebook: With all of the articles/videos/products/etc. being shared on Facebook, you can easily treat this as a Twitter clone or alternative. But in an effort to use it uniquely, I plan on making Facebook more personal. Which probably means it'll be photo albums from trips or adventures.
  • Instagram: These are all original photos taken by yours truly using either my iPhone or Olympus camera. I enjoy photography, even when it's mostly just snapshots.
  • Tumblr: I use Tumblr as a sort of lookbook for things that I find visually interesting in one way or another. If you want to get a feel for me as an individual, give it a scroll.