Back from Muster 3

I recently got back from the third annual ITS Muster. It’s nearly a week long and sleep is often a luxury so it’s taken me a little longer than usual to get back up to speed.

Since I was the “official” photographer for the week, I’m not in any of the photos but I like it that way. There is one photo I’m in that a friend of mine shot but you may not know it’s me.

I’m on the far right.

Overall it was a great event because I got to get away from the desk and computer and spend time in the field with old friends and some new ones too. I always forget how good it feels to not know what’s going on in the world because I’m so engrossed in what I’m doing physically.

We usually spend the entire time camping from our tents but the new venue this year meant bunks and cabins which was totally welcomed in my book. I love sleeping on a ground pad but a mattress and electricity makes it easier to get going in the morning.

Even though I just got back in town and I'm barely settling into my normal routine again, I'm already looking forward to the next camping trip, wherever it may be.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Photo by connect7

There are a ton of good deals out there with 42" TV's going down to $200 and Xbox's down to $150 but you'll have to check your local flyers for those. I like the deals I can work while sitting in bed on my laptop. 

Here are my picks:

  • 25% and Free Shipping
  • Code: THANKS

  • 25% off everything

  • 50% off all apps

  • 15% off everything
  • and 'Cyber Monday Blow Out'

  • Free GR TAC hat for the first 20 gift card purchases over $100

  • Over 200 apps reduced or free.

*Survival Straps

  • 10% off
  • Code: CYBER


  • 15% off everything
  • Free shipping (lower 48)
  • No sales tax

Another list of deals for the tactically/outdoor minded can be found on ITS Tactical
Do you have any specific deals you are interested in?


I am GORUCK Tough

On May 7th, I completed the GORUCK Challenge (class 031) in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and will be forever changed. If you aren’t familiar with the Challenge, it’s billed as a team event that lasts 15-20 miles and around 8-10 hours. Although, the cadre loves to under promise and over deliver.
Straight from their site, here is the Challenge in a nutshell:
You and your fellow Challenge takers all wear GORUCK backpacks throughout the Challenge.  Yes, your bags will be weighted down with bricks, but if the Challenge were easy you wouldn’t sign up. In fact, the greatest hurdle is signing up.  We are proud that the pass rate is over 98%.
You won’t know the route but it showcases the best of every city. Think of it as a guided tour.  The miles don’t disappear on their own, and 8 to 10 hours can feel like a lifetime.  Welcome to our version of good livin’.

To read my full story, click HERE.