Save Your Work

Living in a digital world is great. Until some ones and zeros get misplaced.
I just recently lost about a months worth of photos.

They were mostly pics from my brother in laws wedding up in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Don’t worry, I didn’t take many of the wedding itself so it’s not like the bride and groom won’t have a shot of their first dance. Also, I uploaded just about all of them to a Facebook and Google+ Album.
Because I share a lot of my finds/experiences on a day to day basis, most of the pics that I care about or think are of any quality are already online. Usually posted within minutes of taking it whether it’s on DailyBoothInstagramFlickr, etc.
That’s the kind of world we’re living in. A point and share world.

This doesn’t mean that just because you post every pic on Twitter or Facebook that you don’t need to backup your images (or the rest of your phone for that matter) but it’s just something that caught my attention.
After having some issues and tinkering for around 5 hours (and that’s being conservative), I finally had a functional iPhone.
Moral of the story? Back up your stuff, unless you don’t care if you lose it or not.
But the time spent figuring this out and the time spent not having a useable phone has already deterred me from trying a beta again. I’ll leave the beta downloading and testing to the real developers.
Photo: iPhone Update by Flickr User hddod