In Search of a 2 Man Tent

I’ve been looking for a new tent and think I’ve found one that I’m ready to try.


  • 2 man capacity
  • $200-$400 (ideally, cost includes footprint)
  • 3 - 4.9 lbs (as close to 3 as possible)
  • 2 doors (and 2 vestibules)
  • Bath tub floor
  • Sold by REI (love their guarantee and I get a dividend back)
  • Great bang for the buck

Planned Use:

I’d be lying if I said this tent would be mostly used for true backpacking but in reality, my near future holds mostly car camping with the occasional overnight backpacking trip.

My Style:

I prefer to buy things once and don’t mind paying a little more if it’s a better value in the long run. “Some things cost more because they’re worth more.” [The trick is finding out which things are worth their cost.]

My Current Top Picks:

I’ve been debating mostly between the Big Agnes Rattlesnake SL 2 mtnGLO ($349) and the REI Half Dome 2 ($199) and have all but settled on the Half Dome 2 because of my current (and near future) needs as well as its low impact to my wallet. While I think the interior lights idea of the Big Agnes tent is neat, it's not a deal breaker for me at all. In fact, I could buy the Half Dome 2 and the Big Agnes mtnGLO Light Accessory Kit and still have $110 left over when compared to the Rattlesnake SL 2.

Final Decision:

The main problem is that I'm having to make a decision in the next day or two because I'm going on a camping trip this weekend. I wasn't planning on upgrading so soon but they're calling for rain and my current tent won't be able to handle the constant downpour without me getting wet and uncomfortable. A quick decision is hardly ever ideal but I've been weighing my options pretty hard over the last few days and just now decided to write about it.

As of the publishing of this post, I'm leaning heavily towards the Half Dome 2. It seems to be the best compromise of features and cost for my needs.

Your Recommendation?

I'd love to hear your recommendations but keep in mind my criteria listed above.

UPDATE: I settled on the REI Half Dome 2. On the few camping trips I've taken it on, it's proven itself to be a great buy and I highly recommend it.

Bush Smarts Bush Knife

I’ve had the Bush Knife from Bush Smarts for a little less than a year so far and while I haven’t truly beaten it up, I’ve enjoyed using it. It's a tough knife that includes a well-made leather sheath. The blade itself is forged from ultra high carbon steel and utilizes a Scandinavian grind for maintaining a long-lasting edge. This handmade in Finland knife is rounded out with a tuff burled birch handle that both looks good and feels comfortable in hand.

The price may be a bit steep for some and that's understandable. There are many knives out there that could cover your various bushcraft duties and this is one of them. If you feel moved or intrigued by this tool, jump on it. The Bush Knife has a very classic minimalist style and is fit for all tasks around the campsite or hunting cabin.

Check out more photos on Flickr.

Disclosure: The Bush Smarts link here and above is an affiliate link. It costs you nothing but if you make a purchase after clicking this link, I receive a small percentage of the sale.