Smartphone Use in Movies

This is a completely unscientific study but it seems that in just about every movie I watch, not a single character is constantly checking their phone like I see many of us do. No one is scrolling through Twitter or Instagram, no one is playing Clash of Clans or Super Mario Run, I don't think I've ever even seen anyone just browse the internet. Smartphones tend to be hidden unless they're a plot point.

So what are these people doing? They're simply living their lives. They’re talking to people at coffee shops, they’re reading books, they’re sitting on the couch, listening to music. Instead of keeping up with what their friends or "followers" are doing, they’re the ones doing the "doing."

You may say that’s unrealistic. I’d say you’re right. Look around and it's obviously not how we operate in the real world. But in Hollywood, things are idealized, and that might not be a bad thing in this case.

I can understand how movies might a bad rap on account of them being extremely well-produced stories and not exactly a reflection of real life, but maybe we need to adopt this trait from them. Just a thought.

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Bonus: Have you noticed that when people in movies need to communicate something to another character, they actually use the phone like a phone? Never a whole lot of texting or messaging going on.


Consumption vs. Creation

How much are you consuming on a weekly basis and how much are you creating? By the way, I'm not talking about food but instead the kind of consumption that is equal to endlessly scrolling on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

It seems I can come up with a load of reasons for not creating even the simplest of blog posts but when I do get one out, I feel immensely better. Like this one. It counts.


I don’t always focus as much as I should. I'm working on it. I often find myself jumping around different tasks and tabs and windows and notes.

But every now and then (and more frequently mind you), I put all of my resources into one thing. And boom, it’s done in no time.

This is simply a note to myself to spotlight instead of flood. Get it done.

Remember folks, it's not enough to simply feel productive.

Bonus Content

Pardon the language but Daniel Duane said it well when he said...

Vague goals beget vague methods; the unfocused mind is the vulnerable mind, deeply susceptible to bullshit.
— Daniel Duane

Incomplete Thoughts

I have a good bit of blog drafts that I’m hesitant to share until I "complete" my thinking behind them but maybe sharing them in their current form is part of completing them and I’m missing out.

For those posts I share on this blog that I feel are incomplete, I’ll tag them as such so you know they're “supposed” be a random blurb rather than something more coherent. Just don’t judge me on those. Actually, I guess I don’t mind if you do.

Enjoy your week and make something awesome of it.