Cavanaugh Flight Museum

Since moving to Texas, I've found out there's quite a number of nearby flight museums and I've had a blast visiting a few of them. The most recent one I checked out was the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison, Texas. They have a lot of planes on display and a good number of them are still in flying condition which is great to see at it shows there are mechanics and volunteers working to restore and maintain these classic aircraft.

You can also book time for a flight in their airworthy planes which range from a Boeing Stearman to a P-51D Mustang. Personally, I’d love to ride on the monster that is the AD-5 Skyraider.

In addition to the vintage warbirds on display, they have a good number of other items such as a 1950’s Willys (aka Jeep), a few antique civilian cars, AM General Deuce and a Half, and a 1942 Super Sherman tank that fought in the “Six Days War” before being sold as surplus.

Overall, there's lots to check out and I recommend taking your time to fully enjoy all the history they have in their multiple hangars. Visit my Flickr album to see all of the photos I took but here's a few shots of my favorite planes on display.