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True story.

Astronaut Gordon Cooper used a only wristwatch, knowledge of star patterns, and math estimations to correct pitch for re-entry when his capsule lost power.

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"...precision was needed in the calculation since if the capsule came in too deep g-forces would be too large and if its trajectory was too shallow it would bounce off the atmosphere and be sent back into space. Cooper drew lines on the capsule window to help him check his orientation before firing the re-entry rockets. 'So I used my wrist watch for time,' he later recalled, 'my eyeballs out the window for attitude. Then I fired my retrorockets at the right time and landed right by the carrier.' Cooper's cool-headed performance and piloting skills led to a basic rethinking of design philosophy for later space missions."

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My 4 Favorite Features of the iPhone 4

With the rumor mill of the next iPhone (iPhone 5 and/or iPhone 4S) cranking pretty hard, I thought I would go over some of my favorite features of the iPhone 4.

Most of you are early adopters like me but the rest of you like to wait a year so all the bugs are worked out and the price is lower to get your new phone. So this is what you should be looking forward to.

Here are my 4 favorite features, in no particular order...

1. 5 MP Camera

    • Fast startup and photo capturing
    • HDR feature works really well
This thing just works. On my trip to Hawaii, I didn’t even pack my ‘real’ camera; it never even crossed my mind to add to my list. The best camera in the world is the one you have on you and I carry my phone everywhere so I take approximately 99.6% of my photos on my iPhone.
2. The Device Itself
    • Glass & Metal
    • Simple
The iPhone 4 is beautiful. It’s just glass and metal and while that’s also what I don’t like (always worried I’ll drop it) it’s super sleek and sophisticated and simple at the same time.
3. Retina Display
    • The graphics will make your eyes bleed.
    • Beats out any other phone.
Reading, watching movies, viewing photos… you will not find a more crisp and high quality screen on any phone let alone most TV’s! Really, if you haven’t taken a look at the iPhone 4 in person by now, go and do just that. You’ll be amazed.
4. Speed
    • Fast when switching between apps.
    • Can handle more intensive games.
The iPhone 4 is so much faster than its predecessor. I notice a huge boost in performance all around from multitasking to taking pictures; it made using the phone a breeze.
What are some of the things you like about the iPhone 4?
[Thanks Time Management Ninja for the idea!]

iPhone Home Screen 08.08.10

Here is the first in a series showing my iPhone home screen. Not really sure how you’ll benefit from it but it should be a bit interesting at least.

I’m the kind of person that enjoys seeing others houses because I think a change of scenery grows new ideas.
I like to keep my home screen filled with the apps I’ll use the most as well as some of the more graphically pleasing apps. The icons on the main screen need to pass my “app appeal” test and it’s more important now that I have an iPhone 4 with retina display!
What’s on your iPhone home screen? As you can see, I have a lovely picture of my smokin’ hot wife! But I have seen some cool wallpapers. A friend of mine has a Pac-Man scheme that goes around all the app icons, pretty creative.
Here is the list of apps on the home screen in no real order: oh! and the “i” notates the apps that come on the iPhone from Apple.
  • Calendar (i)
  • Navigation Folder
    • Google Maps (i)
    • Google Earth
    • Waze
    • Where
    • MapQuest
    • ArcGIS
  • Photos (i)
  • Camera (i)
  • Messages (i)
  • Notes (i)
  • Home Screen Folder
    • iMovie
    • Red Laser
    • Digg
    • DailyBooth
    • 43 Things
    • LinkedIn
  • Productivity Folder
    • iDisk
    • Evernote
    • Springpad
    • Google
    • Voice Memo (i)
    • Omni Focus
    • DocsToGo
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Foursquare
  • Dropbox
  • X-Plane-4G
  • Instapaper
  • Tumblr
  • Settings (i)
  • Phone (i)
  • Mail (i)
  • Safari (i)
  • Music Folder
    • iPod (i)
    • Pandora
    • Shazam
    • Soundhound
    • I Heart Radio
    • Simplify
    • Pzizz Sleep
    • Pzizz Energizer
    • Ambiance
    • Bing Music
    • Boombox
    • iOrgel