A view of the District from the Old Post Office Tower

The Old Post Office Tower seemed to be the perfect lunch time tour spot. It was far enough away from the office that I felt like I was in a completely new place yet also perfectly accessible from the Metro which should minimize transportation time. I've heard it is the third highest building in the area and offers quite the view from it's 270 foot observation deck. I wanted to check things out for myself. 

There are [at least] two different exits from the Metro station and I took the one that was farther away; not by choice. Still, getting to the front door of the Old Post Office was only a couple of blocks away.

Once inside, I had to snake my way through the first floor and the food court to reach the series of elevators that would take me to the top. You have to change elevators because there isn't just one that goes straight up and you also have the option to seeing the Congress Bells. 

Once at the top, you have a very good view of the city in all directions. There are metal cables in place (and plexiglass) but that doesn't really hinder your photos of you're careful. Just don't drop your phone over te edge, it probably won't survive the fall. 

If you haven't had a chance to check out the Old Post Office Tower, I highly recommend it. If anything, it's a chance to grab some cool photos of an often overlooked landmark.   

Interesting Facts:
  • The Congress Bells have their own level.
    • Replicas of the bells in Westminster Abbey
    • The bells ring in honor of the opening and closing of Congress and on state occasions, including all national holidays.
  • Was the largest government building in the District of Columbia at the turn of the century and the first with a clock tower.
  • One of the city's first steel frame buildings with a granite skin covering the steel to fireproof it.
  • The electric power plant, capable of driving 3,900 lights, was the first to be installed in a district building.
  • Construction began 1892 and completed 1899.

'Boring' Details:

Distance from office: 1.5 miles
Door to door time: 55 minutes
Tour time: 10 minutes
Transportation used: Metro
Cost: Free

- Metal detectors (allot a few extra minutes) so leave your pocket knife at home.
- Total height is 315 feet with the observation level at 270 feet. 

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