I need to write more


I use Twitter as my main writing platform, there’s no getting around it. According to TweetDeck, I average 12 tweets a day. I really thought it would be more than that… Anyway, that’s potentially 12 different topics for me to choose from, and expand on.
Twitter can also feel a little too ‘short form’ to get big ideas across. And really, it’s called microblogging for a reason.
I want to have a more lasting impression. Both in a way for friends and family to follow along with my life and even just to create a more searchable archive (I love going back and reading past blog posts!).

Twitter and other microblogging services can give an ‘at a glance’ view of a person but to really get to know them, you need to hang out with them more. In this day and age, that space is usually online.

I also want to write more because I think I’m a horrible writer. Some of you may not think that but if you are any of my past English teachers, I apologize. So how does one get better at something? By doing more of it! Ultimately I need to do it [writing] correctly but I need to at least be in the motion of doing.
So that’s what I plan on doing.
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