First Barefoot Run!

Resting my new running 'gear.'
Well, I just completed my first run with no shoes on. I did a mile, just because it was feeling so good. I really should have gone less. Actually I should have just walked but it felt so free to be running with just my bare feet hitting the pavement.
I’m reading “Born to Run” and if you’re into running at all you need to check this book out. There are so many interesting things in this book & it’s one of my inspirations to try barefoot running.
I know that a lot of you may think its goofy or even just dangerous but I think there might actually be something there and I need to try and figure it out. I can’t remember where I heard it but there was a quote that I enjoyed and I feel it relates to this.
Those who say it’s impossible should not interrupt those doing it.
Earlier today while at work, I got the idea to start barefoot running. You have no idea how bad I wanted to take my shoes and socks off and start walking around barefoot right then! Then the whole Metro ride then bus ride home I was just itching to set my piggies free!
Right when I got off the bus, I rolled up my pants and stripped off my shoes and socks and walked home. Everything from the sidewalks to the fresh cut grass felt new and intriguing. Like I’ve forgotten the texture of them all together.
The grass was so welcoming that I couldn’t help to run a few steps just to see what it was like. My legs just wanted to run! As soon as I walked in the door to my house, I changed into my running clothes with running shoes in hand and bolted back out the door.
When I started to run, I suddenly realized how ‘free’ everything felt. I really did feel like a kid again, with not a care in the world. Just running. I thought about my mom telling me to come home when the street lights came on.
I passed a few people on the sidewalk trail but in their defense they were moving pretty slow. I wasn’t exactly setting records but I felt amazing. My back was straight and my legs had no pain or anything. I truly amazed myself as to how fast I was moving. I wonder what I could have done if I were on soft earth and running on grass?
Right near the end of my barefoot trial I felt a pain in my left toe. It felt like a small thorn or something.  Well, I would be done in a moment so I just let it go. After I stopped and parked myself on a bench to reflect on the run, I looked at my foot and realized there was what looked like a blister that just formed, popped, and was now a flap that was open. Ouch!

No big deal though. I just threw on my running shoes and made my way back home. After cleaning it and putting a pair of socks on, I think all is well. Though I do feel some pain from it right now. Also other parts of my feet that aren’t use to running out of a shoe! But that’s to be expected.
I promised myself that I’m not going to push anything and I’m going to take it as easy as possible so I won’t become injured and not be able to run period. Being barefoot is such an interesting and liberating experience and I bet that not a lot of people know at all what it’s like.
Do you run barefoot? If you don’t, I want you to try it. Be safe though. Maybe just trot around in a nice field but make mental notes as to how you feel.
I’m afraid that I’m hooked.