Keep track of your running!

Photo by Ray Maker
 If you run, or bike for that matter, you probably keep a record of your runs. I remember back in high school that I used to just write all my runs down on paper. Well, after using Nike+ then switching to RunKeeper, I haven't looked back.

But then I noticed the Garmin Forerunner series. I'm no stranger to Garmin GPS units. I love the Nuvi for my car and I've used the Geko in the past for Geocaching.

Well, the Garmin Forerunner 310XT offers tons of features to keep track of your pace and distance and more. It's waterproof and has a stellar battery life. In fact, just read a super thorough review here.

But what's best about this specific Forerunner is that you could win it in a contest! I know! Actually, this blog post counts as an entry for myself (sneaky sneaky!) so head over and jump in this contest before it's over! It's super easy!