Previously, on Blogger...

I'm thinking all of my old blog posts. Not here, but here. Yeah, the old stuff. The stuff that got me started in blogging. It was really just an online journal but I enjoyed it.

I should start doing that again. Truth is, it's hard to find time. I enjoy may day job and I have so many other fun side projects that the time seems to just disappear! Yeah, I know you've heard that a million times from other bloggers, but it doesn't apply to me because I'm not a 'real' blogger! Bam!

Anyway, I'm writing this on my iPhone but I'll finish it the computer. I guess that's how I'll find the time.

So what's new? There's a lot really. I'm not sure where to start so I'll probably bounce around.

I went to SHOT Show this year. It was my first time and I had TONS of fun! Actually, I have a big post on the coolest things I did and saw but I'll make that separate so it doesn't dominate this post. Here is a sneak peek:

H&K MR556
Barrett M98B .338 Lapua Gemtech Can

I read a ton of books this past year. I used to read a lot but I've slowed down significantly. It felt good to discover some good book though! Maybe I'll make that into a blog post.

Oh, I won an iPad! Of we are friends on Facebook then you probably already know this because you probably helped me out. Thanks again by the way!

I officially became an uncle. How cool is that! Uncle Mike! Here's my niece and I:

You know, I'm just gonna be wrestling back and forth with this and probably start rambling (as if I hadn't already) so I'm gonna stop it there.

I have a video that I'll post next. Kind of like a 'show and tell.' I used to LOVE 'show and tell' time in school!

Alright. That is all. You know where to reach me. And if you don't, just leave a comment or better yer, hit me up on Twitter: @mikepetrucci