Friday - The Day of Awesome

[note: this was written about a month ago but I forgot to post until now. sorry!]

Short Version:

The day started out perfect. The day ended perfect. Oh and it was perfect in the middle too.

Long Version:

Woke up early and refreshed, glad that it was Friday.  I've been trying to go to bed a little earlier each night and it's really been making a difference in my day. That's a bit of a side note I guess!

While lying in bed and checking my email and Twitter, I was reminded that it was the day that Living Social was promoting a good bit of local restaurants by offering $1 lunches. It varied from location to location but basically $1 would get you between $10 to $25 worth of food.

I quickly signed in at 6 am and bought $10 worth of food at Good Stuff Eatery. It was only a buck and one of my favorite DC joints. Great burgers and even better milkshakes (try the toasted marshmallow milkshake, it's freaking amazing).

By the way, it turns out it was a great idea to buy the deal really early on because when all my coworkers tried later, the site kept crashing. Must have had a huge response!

I forgot to mention, the weather was absolutely perfect! Just amazing. Clear blue sky and slightly warm out. If you were in the shade you might get chilly and that's just how I like it.

When the dust settled of everyone grabbing different deals and making their lunch plans, a friend from work and I decided to go to the same place. We figured the best way to get there would be to take the Capital Bike Share bikes because it would be fast and just plain fun!

It didn't take long but we soon found ourselves at pretty much the front of the line waiting for the restaurant to open. When it finally did, I got a Spikes Sunnyside burger (with egg and ) and a large toasted marshmallow milkshake for a grand total of $2.13. Amazingly delicious!

After eating, we pedaled back to Union Station and parked the bikes. While waking alongside the front of Union Station I saw an Amtrak employee eating a chipwhich. I have to admit I got a bit jealous but I figured he just treated himself. Then I saw a few school kids eating them. What a crazy coincidence! Then after seeing an older lady with one I realized something was going on and I wanted a part of it.

I started looking for the source of the mysterious ice cream snack and I found it! I guess the NHL was promoting something, I'm not sure because my attention was on the chipwhich.

Wow, I thought there was more but I guess thats it! Although, free and nearly free food is really an easy way to please me. Keep that in mind.

How was your Friday?

Oh and you can spot a cameo of me on the news:
[31 seconds in & I'm wearing a grey long sleeve shirt with a backpack]