Weekend Highlights

[note: just like my last post, this was supposed to have been posted almost a month ago but I totally forgot]


- Gave blood


- Nearly free lunch and a free chipwhich for dessert. Perfect weather. (see other blog post)
- Did a lot of pushups, bicep curls, pull ups, and lifted my 30 pound bag over my head multiple times.


- Got up early and ran almost 7 miles in the rain. Had a 15 pound ruck on and felt food except for some foot problem.
- It was dreary and dark all day with some serious storms in the afternoon.
- Watched "127 Hours"
- Watched "A Series of Unfortunate Events" while cleaning the house.


- Ran almost 10 miles with a 35 pound ruck and felt very good. Only sore a little from the weight.
- Paid the bills online. Always sucks at first but I feel better when it's done!