GORUCK Challenge is back in DC

The GORUCK Challenge is back in the nation's capital but won't be around again until June. There are a few more spots available for the Sunday December 11th class and you need to act fast.

Photo by GORUCK
Since you are signing up late, the price is now $160 but I can hook up with a discount code worth $20. Just promise next time to sign up further in advance! Challenges are best when shared with friends so grab a couple and get them in on this deal.

Also, $140 may sound like a lot but you're actually getting a lot more in return. Challenges are full day affairs with plenty of time to hang out with your team before or after in the form of a 'ruckoff.' Once you complete your Challenge, you'll join the exclusive GORUCK Tough community and receive invitations to upcoming events such as Ascent, Beached, and Scavenger.

Photo by GORUCK

If you're in the DC Metro area, Balance Gym will help you get prepared physically and I highly recommend reading this post for more prep tips in general. As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments.


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