Items of Want 003

The Strong Brand Zippo

I don’t smoke but I would love to carry this every day and see what kind of patina develops. Looks to be the perfect item to hand down to the kid someday. *May not be available for purchase anymore.

[Acquired] Matte Metal Chicago Comb Model No. 1

Ever since I started working on my beard (not really working, just letting it go), I’ve loved running a comb through it. This comb would have a permanent position in my back pocket when not in use.

The Field Notes “Everyday Carry” Memo Book Cover

I see this being perfect for travel but I’m sure it would be handy for general daily use as well. Sometimes I want my Field Notes to stay a little more clean and protected and this fits the bill.

[Acquired] Danner Bull Run Work Boots

I’ve never had a pair of Danner boots, let alone tried them on but I keep hearing great things about them. I’d love to lace these up and put ‘em through their paces for years.

The Standard Memorandum Notebook

I decided to add this to the list because it was released just after publishing and I think it’s a great idea. I currently write down what I do on a daily basis online but having a dedicated paper book has such a different feel.

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