Items of Want 004

Machine Era Co. The Godwin

Made in USA and machined from cold formed steel. This model of opener features engraved art by William Godwin.

[Acquired] Cloak & Dapper Pocket Square - Park Green Plaid

I’m thinking this could make for a good hankie. Great colors and ready for Fall.

[Acquired] Fidelis Co. Field Pouch

A simple utility pouch is always useful. This one is padded to protect your valuable knick knacks.

Best Made German Locking Knife

The simplicity of this knife is what drew me in. The wood also looks fantastically aged but still strong enough to take on daily use.

Paddle Your Own Canoe

I can’t tell if I’m more of a fan of Nick Offerman or Ron Swanson but I think I’ll have to check out this book either way.

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