Items of Want 005

[Acquired] DDC Stuff Sheath

From receipts to stickers to scraps of whatever, the “Stuff Sheath” is meant to hold it. Made in the USA and designed by Aaron Draplin.

The Clean-Cut Wallet

The creator of this minimalist wallet reached out to me to get my thoughts and while I haven’t seen it in person, it looks great. Keep an eye out for the Kickstarter campaign any day now. Made in USA.

[Acquired] Palomino Blackwing Pencils

I have one of the pencils somewhere but my wife keeps stealing it. It’s incredibly smooth and just amazing to write with. You really have to try one for yourself.

The Sodbuster Jr.

While I don’t have any kids yet, this will most likely be the first knife they get. Made in Bradford PA by W.R. Case & Sons.

Campfire Cologne

I think this is equal parts funny and awesome. Photo by punktgestalten.

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