Items of Want 006

Shinola Runwell 47mm

I’m a big fan of matte black and the design of this watch is incredible. Assembled in Detroit and built for everyday wear, I’m not sure if I’d take this off my wrist very often.

Schoolhouse Slogan Pencil Pack

Sayings include: Trust The Process, Truth Always Happens, Want Better Not More, Things Are Changing, and Let it Go. Sometimes we need a reminder of these thoughts.

Cooperhill Hand Restored Union Tool Boys Axe

I’ve gotten to talk to Chris online a few times and he seems like a standup guy. When he’s not maintaining trails, he hand restores axes and puts them up for sale and I’d like to support what he’s doing.

Check Letterpress Cards by Smock

Just about covers all of the bases in a thank you note. I’m horrible at sending cards and handwriting in general but this may help jumpstart things.


S. looks like an incredibly immersive reading experience and I honestly don’t know much about it other than the fact it looks extremely interesting. Watch the video and see what you think.

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