Items of Want 012

GORUCK Shadow Pocket

Sometimes you just need a simple bit of organization in a backpack or other bag. These are quality packing cubes made in the U.S. out of 1000D CORDURA and they come in four different sizes and three colors. I prefer the Coyote color myself but they’re available in black and MultiCam too.

Marbles G.I. Utility Knife

An inexpensive utility knife with a classic design. Perfect for simple chores around the house or at work and doesn’t look “scary” to folks not familiar with knives. Just remember that if you get one as a gift, you should give a coin in return for it. Old tradition.

Mini Museum

"The mini museum is a portable collection of curiosities where every item is authentic, iconic and labeled. It’s been carefully designed to take you on a journey of learning and exploration." You really have to check out the site and see what’s included as it’s very cool. Everything from a shell of a dinosaur egg to a piece of foil from the Apollo 11 Command Module. Great presentation too.

2014 Ural Gear-Up

"Despite its clearly military upbringing, the Gear-Up is equally fit for more peaceful missions, such as fishing or hunting trips. If outdoor adventures are not your forte, you can still amaze your friends with the motorcycle’s ability to blaze over outdoor obstacles or urban challenges."

Tenkara Teton Fly Fishing Package

I’ve always wanted to try fly fishing and I’ve heard good things about Tenkara. Overall simple in design, this kit comes with everything you need. Well, except the water and the fish.

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