Items of Want 013

Perpetual Date Stamp

This is perfect for the Field Notes memo books and honestly just about any other notebook. The above photo is an example of how it can be used. If you want, you can order your own or get information through this link.


"Do you believe in BIGFOOT? Do you want to believe in BIGFOOT? Well, we sure do! Why not? No one has proven that he’s not out there. Help us help him. Help us make him feel wanted and loved, show him that we care. Display this sticker with pride, help us spread the word, we want to know what you find!"

Flavored Birch Wood Toothpicks

"Canadian-made toothpicks cut from North American white birch wood and flavored with essential oils. Packaged in amber vial with air-tight cork lid to seal in flavor. 12 toothpicks per vial. Available in mint and cinnamint." I want to try the cinnamint flavor myself.

If you’re feeling generous, buy something on Kaufmann Mercantile through this link and I’ll get a kickback. Unfortunately it’s a one sided benefit but maybe we can go halfsies on something. 

CountyComm Pocket Widgy Pry Bar

Instead of dulling up my pocket knife or even risk breaking the blade, this pry bar could come in handy for a lot of random projects. Sometimes you just need decent leverage to get the job done. This pry bar is compact and made from heat treated D-9 steel.

[Acquired] ITS Mini Survival Kit (MSK)

This Altoids tin size survival kit has everything you need to be prepared out in the wild. I’d probably swap a few items with things I currently own but truly feel this is the best kit to start with if you don’t have anything at the moment.

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