Items of Want 016

Boeing Stow Bag

A modern bag with classic styling. I’m sure I could find the perfect use for this 100% polyester bag with heavy duty zipper and orange lining. Truth be told, I’m really just a sucker for orange lining.

[Acquired] Poler Cast Iron Skillet

"The Poler 12" Cast Iron Skillet weighs 7lbs and comes pre-seasoned and ready to use straight out of the box. It features dual pour spouts, a comfortable handle and an additional helper handle for extra support while pouring and carrying. There is no pancakes like an enlightened one.”

Best Made Survival Kit

"In case of emergency: behold 18.75 cubic inches of ultra-light, machined, aluminum, in which you will find 25 of the most highly considered and useful life saving tools you could ask for. Then take a deep breath. Think happy thoughts…"

Kifaru Woobie

"The Kifaru Woobie & Doobie are designed to replace the USGI poncho liner and are MUCH warmer and lighter. They are also great as a sleeping bag liner or ground cloth."

Hill People Gear Kit Bag

The Kit Bag is a way to carry trail essentials close at hand. Whether that’s navigation gear, fire starters, fixed blade knife or survival kit, the Kit Bag can hold gear without being uncomfortable.

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