Items of Want 018

Le Guest Book

"Le Guest book is a stylish coffee table book designed to collect memories of time spent with friends and family. Inside, each page is designed with several options to accommodate any kind of writing style, from a space that allows free writing to simply answering multiple choice questions about your hosting style. Each page is designed and printed in elegant light blue ink on an off white 80lbs. archival paper and finished with colored edges. Last but not least, Le Guest book flaunts a dark grey marker ribbon."

COAL x DDC Field Notes

Limited edition Field Notes memo books. USA themed. That’s really all I need to say.

[Acquired] Source Low Profile Hydration Bladder

I’m a big believer in Source hydration over other bladders. They’re just better quality all around. If you’ve ever had a full hydration bladder in their standard size and a full ruck, you know that the bag stands off of your back in an odd way. This low profile version evens out the size and keep things from getting uncomfortable feeling. I need one of these for sure.

Terrapin Stationers Engraved Calling Cards

"To the unrefined or unbred, the visiting card is but a trifling and insignificant bit of paper; but to the cultured disciple of social law, it conveys a subtle and unmistakable intelligence. Its texture, style of engraving, and even the hour of leaving it combine to place the stranger, whose name it bears, in a pleasant or a disagreeable attitude even before his manners, conversation, and face have been able to explain his social position. -Our Deportment" via Art of Manliness

Amazon Fire Phone

Truth be told, I find the Dynamic Perspective (aka 3D) feature a bit gimmicky but it’s still pretty cool. But that’s not why I want a new Amazon Fire Phone. 13MP with image stabilization, unlimited cloud storage for photos, one button quick access to the camera, Firefly [Shazam like] technology, one handed scrolling and a battery nearly double that of an iPhone 5S all add up to an interesting device; at least for me.

What’s the reason I’m not getting the Amazon Fire Phone right away? The main one is that I don’t think all the apps I want are on the Amazon App Store. I took a hit going from the iTunes Store to Google Play store and it’s been an okay experience but relying solely on the Amazon App Store might be too much of a stretch. I’ve grown to really love my Google Apps. We’ll see.

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