Items of Want 022

Rite in the Rain Nº YE99 Mechanical Pencil

"Do you like pencils but fear they will break when it matters most? You're not alone. A Rite in the Rain Mechanical Pencil may well be the last pencil you'll ever need to buy. True to the Rite in the Rain brand, this pencil is tough, reliable, made in the USA, and writes no matter what."

Bush Smarts Pack Lighter

"Your survival in the backcountry is dependent on your ability to make fire. You should always carry redundant fire starters and spread them around in your pack, emergency kit and pockets in case things break or get left behind. These small, dependable lighters are perfect."

Fältovn Portable Camp Stove

"The Fältovn by Dutch company Leenders definitely does have some practical applications as a heater in canvas, army style tents popular with hunters and large group camps. It would certainly make a nice addition to a backyard gathering area, farmstead or campsite and has the added bonus of being a functional cooking surface."

I have no use for this right now but it looks awesome. My ideal situation? A winter camping trip with this wood stove in the corner while I enjoy the snow falling through the open door of an old canvas tent.

Photo by The Gear Junkie

[Acquired] Brooks Cambium Bike Saddle

I've heard so many good things about Brooks Saddles and this new one looks to be the perfect "buy it for life" bike saddle. The original leather version of this saddle needs to be broken in properly and cared for but the new Cambium is ready to go right out of the box.

[Acquired] Olympus OM-D E-M5

Even though I just got a new camera a little less than a year ago, I'm seriously considering this Micro Four Thirds from Olympus. I've been getting more and more into photography and I'd love to step up my game from a high quality point and shoot to something with some lens options but still be smaller than a traditional DSLR. One of the coolest things about this particular camera is that it's weather sealed so you can use it in the rain or snow. That may not be a big feature to some but I see it as a nice little bonus.

Photo by The Phoblographer

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