Items of Want 028 - Huckberry Edition

All of these items (at time of publishing) are available through If you sign up through this link, you'll get $10 of Huckberry credit for your first purchase and it's totally worth it. They're constantly rotating great brands and products and you're sure to find something you like. Also, their email newsletter is one of the best and worth checking out.

J.L. Lawson & Co. EDC Top

"Each top is manually machined from solid bar stock and a tungsten carbide ball is press fit for the tip. Spin times will vary with each spinner and surface but you shouldn't have a problem getting at least 6 minutes. If you're good you might get 10 minutes. J.L. Lawson' s record now is 10:14."

Burrough's Beard Oil

"The woodsy, earthy scent of this beard oil [from Prospector Co.] brings together the solitary notes of nature and craftsmanship. The smell of freshly chopped forest woods move into a dusty carpenter's workshop, leaving behind the deep leathered richness of a cobbler's apron. Its very hardy, masculine fragrance works well with the rugged scruff left behind after a lazy summer's week of no shaving to the full-grown winter's beard."

Marathon Navigator

"Equipped with the most capable quartz movements in Swiss timekeeping, each Marathon is carefully built to exacting specs to ensure survival in the harshest and most remote environments on the planet as though the very mission depended on it.

Now in its fourth generation of family-owned operation, Marathon Watches has been building watches for government and military issue since the early 1940s contracted by the US Marine Corps, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Marathon is Canadian, after all), just to name a few."

Photo © Worn & Wound

Filson Original Briefcase

"Filson’s toughest, most dependable briefcase is appropriate for everyday use in the field. Inside is a wide carrying compartment, two full-length open pockets and sewn-on compartments for calculator, business cards, pencils and pens. Narrow pockets on both ends and full-length outer pockets on both sides. You won't find more durability in a fabric briefcase."

Rumpl Paria Blanket

"Rumpl incorporates decades of proven technologies developed for the outdoor industry into their products. The materials have been tested and proven in harsh environments, yet specifically selected for comfort and durability. We think the blanket you use everyday deserves the same attention to detail as a sleeping bag you might use 10 times a year. The end result is a premium and versatile blanket that can be used anywhere you go... or when you don't go anywhere."

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