Items of Want 029

ITS + Emerson A-100 Folding Knife

“The design of the A-100 is one of Ernest Emerson’s firsts. He often refers to it as the “Father” or even the “Grandfather” of all tactical knife designs that exist today. If you had to describe the A-100 Knife in three words, they would be Symmetry, Grace and Power.”

[Acquired] GORUCK GR2 (Wolf Grey)

"No matter your size, the GR2 travels hard and well and complies with TSA size requirements for carry-on bags. Its simplicity, functionality, and focus on organization take inspiration from Special Forces medical rucks. It is overwhelmingly the favorite ruck of GORUCK Cadre."

[Acquired] Blue Mountain Word. Notebooks

"The Mountain series of Word. Notebooks puts a modern spin on the great outdoors. Think less rolling hills and more sharp cliffs. Both Black Mountain and Blue Mountain are designed for the adventurous and the bold, those who strive for summits, and they look as clean on your desk as they do at a campsite under the stars."

Redux & Co. COURG

I really like how this watched turned out and while it's technically on my "Items of Want" list, I actually don't truly want it. The case size is 39mm and I prefer a larger case but it's too cool to not share.

[Acquired] Best Made Company - The Footlocker (Army Green)

"Drawing from military convention, we fabricated our footlocker in the USA from a powder coated steel, making it lighter and more durable than the plywood counterpart. Like the standard issue American military footlocker, we designed ours with a sliding interior tray, side grab handles, and a locking hasp. With a customizable brass data plate, and a solid brass lock, your personal items will be safe & sound inside the Best Made footlocker. Keep this guy stowed as a soldier would, at the foot of your bed, or use it as a side table, blanket box, or large tool chest. The possibilities for this storage device are universal."

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