Items of Want 030

Field Notes FN-01 (Graph Paper 3-Pack)

Can't go wrong with the classic Field Notes. "I'm not writing it down to remember it later, I'm writing it down to remember it now."

Photo by Strong Island

GORUCK 10/20/30 LB Ruck Plate Bundle

Specifically built for rucking. "The best weight to ruck. Ruck Plates are compact and fit seamlessly in our rucksacks for superior stability. Made in the USA to exacting standards of quality and craftsmanship, GORUCK Ruck Plates represent the very best of American manufacturing."

Alite Mantis Chair

(Shown on right. Photo via ADV Rider)

"The Mantis Chair is a four-legged, stable version of our famous Monarch Chair. Have a seat and experience the extreme comfort of the seat’s higher base and larger sling. The Mantis Chair is much easier to carry than most heavy, bulky, outdoor chairs, and just as easy to setup. "

Harvard Law (Just Kidding) Shirt

"Dedicated to those smug trust fund kids who can't stop talking about their success. This parody Harvard shirt is a great way to express your complete apathy about Ivy League education."

Farm and Field Farmer Lock Pocket Knife

"The Farm & Field Farmer Lock pocket knife is a work horse of a knife by design.  This is the kind of knife your grandfather carried, and you will pass on to your grandchildren.  The 1095 tool steel blade comes out of the box with a razor edge and will hold it for a long time, but is easy to sharpen when needed.  Carbon steel blades are known for their ability to take and hold an edge, will take a little love to keep them rust free, but is well worth the effort.  The Orange Delrin handle is durable and easy to find in you bag or if dropped on the ground.  This model has a traditional lock back mechanism.

Farm & Field Tool Farmer Lock knives are built with 1095 Tool Steel blades and springs as well as reinforced pins for the most difficult of cutting tasks.  Farm & Field Tool Knives combine affordability with quality of a 100% American Made product. It’s a can’t miss combination that we are proud to offer to our customers. Whether you are in the field or on the farm, we hope these knives earn a spot in your pocket and in your tool box.

Great eastern Cutlery is located in Titusville, PA.  Founded in 2006 and Owned by Master Knifemakers Ken Daniels and Bill Howard, who was chief designer at Queen Cutlery for many years, Great Eastern Cutlery brings 60 years of industry leadership to its products.  They have earned a reputation for being the very best pocket knives in the industry, their quality speaks for itself.  If you buy a Great Eastern Knife, you will be pleased."

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