Items of Want 032

Silver Reed, Silverette S Manual Typewriter - Orange

After receiving a postcard that was typed on a typewriter from a good friend of mine, I immediately went to my parents basement to hunt for my old typewriter. I believe I got it from a yard sale but it could just have easily been found in the trash too. Either way, the keys are almost all sticky and the ribbon is about out of ink which means I'm on the hunt for a used manual typewriter in good condition. This orange model would be a dream but sold before I could make up my mind.

Hannah - US Schooner 1775 - Ship in a Bottle Kit

Building a ship in a bottle has long been a dream of mine. I used to build a lot of model cars and while they weren't always perfect, I found it incredibly relaxing to do. I have a feeling that this ship in a bottle will grace my bookshelf for years to come.

Roadkill Magazine

I've been a huge fan of the Roadkill YouTube channel over the past couple years and if you're into cars at all, you'll dig it too. "Ride along with HOT ROD's David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan as they continue their love/hate relationship with hot rods, street machines and other highly strung performance vehicles. In Roadkill, Freiburger and Finnegan hit the road in everything from a 1968 Ford Ranchero to a 1500 horsepower Camaro called the F-Bomb. Just getting to their destination is an adventure."

Click here to also check out their newly launched website.

Snow Peak Red Folding Chair

"It’s a unique design that doesn’t leave you feeling cramped like the common styles available right now, which force all your limbs to be touching. Also thanks to the all aluminum tubing and zinc cast components it’s extremely strong and lightweight. The chairs nest together for stacking and transportation. Another great feature is the foam pads on the arms, seems like a small thing but after a 125 mile day on a bike every bit of padding helps. It’s an investment at $89 but I can tell you from personal experience that you can either keep buying cheap chairs and have them break after a season, or buy the last camp chair you’ll ever need."

Words and photo by Wilderness Collective

[Acquired] Shinola Large Paper Journal - Orange

Orange is one of my favorite colors and since I was in need of a new notebook, this was a near instant buy. Actually, at the time of publishing, the set I ordered should already be in my possession. "Essential American-made journal featuring smyth sewn binding—a superior binding technique that greatly improves overall durability and extends the lifespan of the journal, while enabling the pages to lie perfectly flat. Handcrafted in Ann Arbor, MI, from all US-sourced components, including acid-free paper from sustainably-managed American forests."

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