Items of Want 033

Ystudio - Brassing Sketching Pencil

Based on how you carry and use this pencil, the paint over the brass wears uniquely. I like to see things get worn from use but still hold up over time and this pencil would perfectly scratch that itch.

[Acquired] Doane Paper Moon Camera Idea Journal Large

I’m a huge fan of old NASA Apollo mission photos not just because the subject itself is incredibly interesting but honestly for the look of the photos themselves. The cross-hair pattern left by the 70mm Hasselblad cameras to be specific has just always grabbed my attention and Doane Paper has created a notebook line with this cross-hair pattern.

Filson Scout Dual Time Watch

From the bezel to the strap, this watch seems to be custom made for my taste. Built by Shinola, this is a classic pilot style watch I’d be sure to wear daily.

Photo by Uncrate

[Acquired] Huckberry Sam Larson Sticker Pack

While I’m a bit of a sticker nerd and I have a growing collection of interesting stickers, I also have a touch of “sticker anxiety” and don’t often know what to do with them. But as soon as this pack arrived from Huckberry, I proudly added that one in the upper right to my laptop lid. These have a fantastically classic design and you won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for a little inspiration to get out and explore.

Sign up for Huckberry through my link and get $10 credit. I get $20 after your first purchase of $25 of more.

[Semi-Acquired] Uncrate Magazine (subscription)

Anyone that knew me in my teens knows that I love magazines. I hate how that rhymed by the way but it’s true. Magazines these days seem to be all the same i.e. mostly boring ads. But magazines still hold a soft spot in my heart and I’m extremely excited to see a resurgence of curated magazines that are built more for coffee tables than bathrooms.

I labeled this as "semi-acquired" because I was able to get a great deal on the first two issues. So I'm all set for this year but looking forward to what they put out next.

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