Items of Want 034

Best Made Co. Anvil Paperweight

Looking to man-up your desk a little bit? Add this anvil. I know it's probably not suitable for any kind of actual use but that wouldn't keep me from testing on occasion.

"The axe is our window to the wilderness — the Anvil Paperweight is our window to the workshop. While time spent behind the desk is unavoidable, this cast-steel symbol of workmanship and resilience serves as an important reminder: spend too much time at the desk and you get soft. With a wayward glance at the polished horn you hear the rhythm of the farrier’s hammer, the striking team pounding a damascus billet in time. There’s nothing like an icon of the hardest workers in history to keep you honest to your trade. Though you won’t be making more than an eyeglasses repair on this jeweler’s-sized anvil, we use it as a hefty paperweight to keep productivity in mind, and to always be on our way back to the workshop."

[Volume 1 Acquired] Adventure Journal Quarterly

It seems that everyone these days is making a "fancy" magazine and to be honest, I'm ok with that. The lineup of photographers and authors in this particular magazine sounds incredible and I think I'm going to order a subscription for Christmas.

"Yes, a magazine. It needs no batteries, no internet connection. It won’t bug you to check your email or ask you to like it. It’s going to be printed in Boulder, Colorado, on Forest Stewardship Council certified paper — a rich, thick, wonderfully tactile, uncoated, non-glossy paper (130lb cover stock, 80lb body stock for you print enthusiasts).

It feels delightful, smells amazing, and will look at home on your coffee table, in the reading room, or tossed in the back seat of your rig.

And it’s going to be a terrific read — smart, fun, honest, relevant. Some of the world’s best outdoor and adventure writers and photographers are contributing. In the first year, we have Terry Tempest Williams, Doug Peacock, and Craig Childs on board, as well as E.B. White, one of America’s greatest essayists. You’ll see new photos from Jimmy Chin, Chris Burkard, Jordan Manley, and many other well-known shooters, plus lots of talented photographers and artists you probably don’t yet know but will soon.

Favorites like Brendan Leonard, Vernon Felton, and Brook Sutton will be major contributors, and we’re also very excited to welcome Christie Aschwanden, who’s the lead science writer for 538 and has a wonderful way with words, surf legend Dave Parmenter, and Alaskan wilderness guide and author Michael Engelhard. We are blessed, truly, to be working with such smart, entertaining, and talented people."

[Acquired] Saddleback Leather Classic Valet Tray (color: tobacco)

No doubt this would be great on a desk or by the front door but I'd probably keep this bedside to secure my knickknacks from disappearing by the night elves.

Just a few "official" uses:
  • Catch all for keys, coins, wallets, pocket knife, cellphone, and other EDC items
  • A portable junk drawer for those who lose their marbles
  • Keep it by the front door to make your mornings run a little smoother
  • Throw it in the car to reclaim your cupholders and replace that stinky tree air freshener
Wooden Border Stencil

I've started getting back into writing letters and while my handwriting isn't great and I use my typewriter, this simple stencil looks to be a great way to class up the front of an envelope as wall as keep things straight and organized.

[Acquired] 1lb bag of Cereal Marshmallow Charms

Don't ask questions. Just buy this and add to all the cereal.

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