Items of Want 037

The color scheme of this hat struck a chord in me. While I do have a soft spot for understated, durable goods, there's really not much to say other than simply repeating Filson's recommended usage for this hat: "Field; Travel; Everyday"

Tanner Goods Cargo Carryall

A reinvention of the classic military duffel, I would love to trek this bag all over the world and see what kind of patina develops. The 72 liter capacity should be more than enough for some upcoming trips I have planned and the 18oz cotton canvas is sure to withstand any abuse.

Birds of North America Poster

My parents had a book of birds I used to love looking through from our porch as I pretended to be an ornithologist. Actually, they probably still have that book somewhere but in case they don't, I think this poster would scratch my itch of identifying our fine feathered friends and knolling all at once. Two birds I suppose.

Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight

If two is one and one is none, I suppose this flashlight is something around a four. At least. What is it? It's a 250 lumen flashlight that can recharge from USB, solar, or its hand crank, and can charge a smartphone, GoPro, or a tablet. And all for less than $100. It seems Goal Zero has seriously upped the flashlight game and made an incredible device for home, the car, or the campsite. No reason not to get a couple and be prepared for when you need to shed a little light on the subject.

WC x Boreas Pack

In a quest to limit how many "things" I own, I've started paring down with a goal of not having more than one thing of a particular subject. Since I already have a small backpack (GORUCK GR1) for day hikes and everyday use and a large backpack (GORUCK GR2) for camping and travel, I was successful in talking myself out of buying this Wilderness Collective/Boreas Gear collaboration bag when it was available for sale. But after seeing it firsthand during a recent Wilderness Collective trip, I realized I need one in my life. It could be perfect for riding mountain bikes or dual sport motorcycles so my eyes are now glued to Craigslist and eBay in case one pops up.

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