Items of Want 040

When I build my cabin, these will be a permanent installation. Can't go wrong with a classic deck of cards, even if all you know how to do with them is play solitaire.

Hello Internet: The Vinyl Episode

A single podcast episode on actual vinyl? This is so weird. I love it. Now I just have to get my record player working.

[Acquired] La Colombe Draft Latte

A latte in a can for those times when you need some quality coffee but are short on time. Which (and not to add to the glorification of "busy") seems to be my normal situation these days.

National Parks Sunrise Patch

It's the National Park Service's 100th birthday this year. Find a park and get out there. While this ins't an official NPS patch, it's still pretty neat and is a good reminder to keep on discovering new things.

Honda XR650L

I saw first hand what these bikes were capable of and have been eyeing them pretty hard ever since getting back from a Wilderness Collective motorcycle trip. Spending 3-4 days in the saddle of this beast really drove home how invaluable a quality dual sport bike can be.

Photo of yours truly by Steve Dubbeldam.

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