Items of Want 041

[Since they're sold out of this model, their Stained Glass Paisley comes in as a close second.] One of my beliefs is that every man should carry a hankie. I use mine for everything, and I mean everything. These hankies from Skar Hanks look unlike anything I've seen before and I would love to add one to my back pocket.

Tom Sachs Bic Mini 4-in-1 Pen

The Bic 4-in-1 pen is a classic and this particular one is the official pen of Space Program: Europa. Need I say more?

Antsy Labs Fidget Cube

While I'm not the biggest fidgeter, I know I would totally get into this little gadget. A plethora of fidgeting options in a portable device at a super reasonable price.

99% Invisible Raycats Sticker

I was a fan of the design even before listening to its backstory but the history just makes it even better. Now I just have to order 2 or 3 extra to curb my sticker anxiety. Yes, sticker anxiety is a real thing.

Conw Eleric Exto ACDC Extsion Cord

I've never seen an extension cord that looks as interesting as this one and I love it. It's simple but seems solidly built. It also stands out so I'm sure it won't get confused with anyone else's.

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