Items of Want 043

Field Notes does it again. Orange and black are my favorite combination of colors and this edition looks incredible. They also use a new binding technique for this notebook. For those unfamiliar, they usually just have 3 staples holding things together but the process in use here is more like a traditional book. The only thing is that since I always carry my Field Notes in my back pocket (in a DDC Stuff Sheath), I wonder what it would feel like when sitting.

[Acquired] Sanborn Canoe Company Red Enamel Camp Mug

I have an interesting fascination with mugs as I strongly prefer them to elicit some sort of feeling in me and can't just grab one willy-nilly. I can't even pinpoint what exactly it is but I'm quite choosy when it comes to picking out the perfect mug for a cup of coffee. And I don't always like it when people use my mugs so I have a few that are for sharing but a select couple are all my own.

Tom Bihn The Hero's Journey

I currently have a 40L GORUCK GR2 that can handle just about anything I throw at/in it. On a recent trip to Thailand, it held everything I needed (including a mini backpack) for 10 days. That said, I'm always on the lookout for better solutions. I really appreciate the variety of carry methods available in this Tom Bihn bag. It’s of course a backpack foremost but you can also carry it like a duffel and even unzip the top to be used as a smaller personal bag (which itself can convert to a mini backpack; too cool). The only thing I’d change would be to cut off the zippers and make some silent zipper pulls

The NASA Graphics Standards Manual

I grew up in love with all things "space" and even would write letters to my nearest NASA office (Goddard Space Flight Center) explaining my interest. They were kind enough to send me printouts and photos of various space related projects which I kept in a special folder and carried everywhere. And even though I'm not a designer, I appreciate good design when I see it and NASA has some of the coolest stuff around, in my opinion. This reproduction of the 1974 re-branding standards manual may be the ultimate coffee table book for any “space geek,” myself included. The static shielding pouch is a really nice touch too.

World Stamp Show-NY 2016 Folio

Over this past year, I’ve been getting into sending brief letters to people typed on my typewriter and it seems that a normal everyday stamp just isn’t good enough for something like that. I’ve been using some vintage Barnum & Bailey stamps but I’m running low so while on the hunt for a new design, these stamps from the World Stamp Show caught my eye. 

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