Items of Want 048

I have a few Schon DSGN pens and love 'em but the colorway of this particular pen is just incredible. Really. Wowza. I've also been a fan of Worn & Wound since the beginning and still believe they are one of the best watch blogs on the Net. Worth a peruse if you're of the horology mindset. 

The Ridge Wallet

My Bellroy Card Sleeve has been a trusted companion for many years now but it's starting to finally show its age. While I've never used one of these new-fangled high tech metal wallets, I think I'd like to give it a go. But I really do like the feel of leather...

[Acquired] Seiko SRPC49

I've slowly been realizing that orange and black are two of my favorite colors and when you put them together in a watch, I can't resist. I've seen this watch on various leather and NATO straps and it never looks bad. 

Photo by worn&wound

James Brand x Salomon: The Chapter

Everything about the design of the James Brand Chapter is just perfect. And by now you know that I love the color orange so I don't need to further explain why this collaboration knife is on my wishlist. I was recently gifted one of these knives (a standard Chapter) and it's by far my favorite knife ever. 

Kodiak Cakes Flapjack On The Go

My household is permanently stocked with a big box of Kodiak Cakes (thanks to Costco) but I recently had a chance to try this instant variety of Kodiak Cakes. I'm no food critic but these turn out just fine and are especially tasty if you're in a rush.

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