Items of Want 049

I can't fully explain why I'm drawn to this hat. No one would describe me as "stylish" but I'm really diggin' this hat. Listen to this break in process from the product description: "Few good things look best new, so these have been exposed for 30 days to the elements for natural UV fading, and then open ocean, and fresh water rinsed, you can expect 0 shrinkage and a 1” breakout over time." I'm hooked.

Grovemade Brass Minimalist Knife

While I have a James Brand Chapter knife clipped to my pants pocket every day of the week, I'm always happy to add a quality tool to the ranks. It sounds odd to say that you can't overstate the "understated-ness" of this knife, but those are the words coming to mind at the moment so I'll just go with it. I also find the styling and material choices superb and it's great to hear that this knife is 100% made in the USA. Look, I don't mind chasing quality wherever it leads, but when the home team wins one, I'm extra proud to show my support.

Trouble in Paradise Motel Key Fob

If you know me, then you would probably be surprised that I like this artistic style but I really do. Can't pinpoint why either. And if you knew me, then you'd also know that I only use one keychain on a daily basis so I don't know what I'd use this key fob for but trust me, I'd find a use.

Silver Spring Bar Plier Tool

As a lifelong gadget lover, this tool scratches many itches I have and I have literally no need for it. Well, I mean I could certainly use it but I don't truly need it. There's also some inexpensive alternatives but since Hodinkee had the best photo of it, I linked to them. 

KODAK Pocket Pico Projector

I think I'd end up using this little projector for impromptu sessions of show and tell. See, my grandpa would always bust out the slide projector when anyone would stop by his house so I guess I have him to thank for passing down my penchant for show and tell. Same goes for my insatiable ice cream addiction, but that's a different story.

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