Items of Want 051

I have the Daring Book for Boys and think it's fantastic and while I haven't done anything with it other than gently peruse it, I wanted to have it on the bookshelf (for now) as an inspiration to get out and do things. And then obviously someday put the book to use with my kids. Now that we have a girl on the way, I thought it pertinent to get this one specifically. Though I’m sure I’ll be preparing fun stuff to do drawing from both books.

Photo by ourtribemarket

Osprey Poco AG Child Carrier

This kiddo is going to be seeing the world from the get go. My parents understood the importance of travel and I want to pass that along. Also, these babies don’t often come light so she’ll double as my coupon for good livin’ as we ruck all over this pale blue dot.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”
- Mark Twain

BAD Bags #4 Backpack Duffel Hybrid 69L

I’m told that kids come with a lot of extras. I want to be prepared. At a 69 liter capacity, this oughta do the trick.

Danner Mountain 600

I’m not sure what color combo I like the best but I’m getting close to needing some new boots and I’m willing to give these a try. They seem like something I could easily wear around town as well as the mountains and I’m all about gear that has multiple uses.

[Acquired] Mk II Cruxible, Type A-11

While I love the design and could easily want this watch for myself, I really want to get this as something to pass down to my kid some day. Her birth year watch. See, I want her to have something durable and able to withstand whatever she throws at it and Mk II has more than proven themselves to me with the Paradive. Also, the 39mm size should be more accommodating for most women..

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