The GORUCK Challenge

What is the GORUCK Challenge?

A team event, never a race. The Challenge is significantly harder than any race because a team is capable of infinitely more than the sum of its individuals. Therefore the Challenge is greater.  The team (it’s your team) starts and finishes together under the guidance of Challenge Cadre.  The route is unknown, the distance is unknown and the Challenge can last longer and/or go for greater distances if the team needs it in order to fully become a team. 8-10 hours, 15-20 miles is an estimate, not a promise.  Every class is different, but the bond by the end is always equally powerful. - GORUCK Challenge FAQ

Make no mistake, this is not a solo event and this is not a race. It's an evolution. You will learn the true meaning of teamwork. The Challenge is best when shared with friends but if no one wants to join you, don't worry, you'll make some great new friends.

I can't promise that it will be easy, but it will be worth it. After all, if it were easy, would you do it?

Step off of the normal path. Go for a run, GORUCK style.

Image via GORUCK

Can I Do This?

I did. That means you can too. It's so much more mental than physical and I can't stress that enough. You do need to have some foundation of fitness because after all, you'll be carrying bricks, logs, each other, etc over an 8-10 hour [or more] period. 

The biggest thing that turns people off is the distance. My class did around 17 miles and the furthest I've ever run before on my own was 14. How was this possible? You don't run the entire time and when you do, the pace is entirely up to your team to decide. I was better at running while others were better at lifting and we learned how to utilize all of our individual strengths and weaknesses.

Send me an email if you have any questions about the Challenge: mikepetrucci [at] gmail [dot] com

What to Expect

How Much Does it Cost?

If you're smart, you'll sign up really early and get in at $120. If you wait though, the price can go up to $160. 

Is that a lot of cash to part ways with? Maybe, but really look at it. What do you get with that much? What ways can you cut back or save? I bet you have some Craigslist/eBay worthy stuff to sell or you can skip a few times of eating out next month. 

Cost Comparison

  • The same as 2 Xbox games (If you bought the latest Call of Duty and The Elder Scrolls games, you could have just signed up for the Challenge)
  • Tough Mudder Registration (Can cost up to $150 and lasts only 2 hours while the GORUCK Challenge is cheaper and longer. More good livin' all around!)
  • Typical Marathon or even some Half Marathon registrations
You get the idea. I read this somewhere online and thought it sums things up nicely:
If it is important to you, you will find a way.
If not, you'll find an excuse.

Looking for a deal? 

Times are tough and saving money wherever possible can really help. That said, I can get you $20 off registration but only if you haven't signed up yet. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to add it retroactively.  Send me an email and I'll hook you up: mikepetrucci [at] gmail [dot] com

Recommended Further Reading

To get you started, I recommend you read these two posts: 
  • Good Livin': The GORUCK Challenge [Mike Vallely]
  • Packing and Preparing for a GORUCK Challenge [Kit Klein]
If you still want more information, check out my ever updating post containing reports from previous Challenge takers as well as videos and some other bits of Challenge knowledge.

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GORUCK Challenge - Recommended Reading

photo © GORUCK

This is just about every 'after action report' of the GORUCK Challenge I could find online. Each class is different and you'll notice that in the writing but what's important is the shared camaraderie.

Stay tuned for updates as more will be added when I can find them.

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