Alternatives to the Instagram "Link in bio" Problem

I'm sure you've seen it. A brand posts a photo on Instagram that relates to either a blog post or a product and tacked right onto the end of their caption are those three little words, "link in bio." Ugh. 

Unless there's something I'm missing, I don't see how this is a viable option at all. Really though, is there something I don't understand? If you use this method, I'd love to hear your reasoning behind it.

Why's it bad? Well, if you do it for one photo, you're probably doing it for others. So what happens when someone is scrolling through your feed and sees an older photo and wants to learn more about that photo. Your caption says "link in bio" but that link has probably changed 20 times already. You just lost that reader or customer. I don't think that's far fetched because that's exactly how I operate. When I click the link and it's not the page I was expecting, I don't often hunt it down, I just move on. 

Instead of simply griping about it, I thought I'd offer some solutions. Skip the constantly broken/dead links (and possibly even lost customers) and consider my options.

Custom Short Links 

Since Instagram doesn't allow hyperlinks in captions, you need to keep your URL as short and as memorable as possible. Sure this isn't ideal but it's a workaround that I've implemented for brands in the past and it seems to work fairly well. 

You can use either a plain old Bitly link or go full custom with something that matches your domain. Click here for steps on how to make your own custom short URL.

The key is to make the part after the "/" unique to what you're sharing. No one is going to remember "" let alone be able to tell you if that's a 1 or a lower case "L" or a zero. You get the idea.

An real-world example would be "" (which can be seen in use here). The "" is a shortened version of "" which isn't too difficult to remember. And your URL may be even easier to work with. A Bitly example of this link would be: "" and this is cool because if you follow that link, it goes to the correct page because the ITS Tactical short URL is tied in with Bitly. 

A Dedicated Page on your Site

This was an idea I had recently so I don't know if it's a good one yet or not. The gist is this, you make a page on your site, something like "" and that's the URL that lives in your Instagram bio.

The page itself will be a single page with thumbnails of your Instagram photos (and maybe captions) with links to whatever specific thing you wanted to link to.

My thinking is that if someone wants to read more about X product on your Instagram page, they'll be able to quickly scan that page on your site for the matching photo and subsequently get directed to the correct product.

The Last Resort

Even though I have no idea why you'd do it, if you insist on using the "link in bio" method, at least do one thing for me. Once you post a new photo and change the link in your bio, go back to any previous photos and edit the caption. It's only fair that you delete the call to action lest you have people ending up at dead ends.


Do you have any other ideas? I'd love to hear 'em.

Unique Content for Unique Networks

If you’re on more than one social network, you really should be using them uniquely. It looks bad if you're posting the same exact stuff to each network.

I think it was Jeff Goins that likened social networks to individual countries and how they don’t all speak the same language. Great description.

That said, I thought I'd lay out the social networks I currently use the most and a brief line on how I’m using them uniquely. Hopefully it spurs some thinking of your own (while keeping me accountable from crossposting).

  • Twitter: Short bursts (because it’s limited to 140 characters anyway). As far as the online world goes, I’m most active here and share a variety links that I find worth sharing. It's really great for sharing something quickly and forces me to be succinct.
  • Facebook: With all of the articles/videos/products/etc. being shared on Facebook, you can easily treat this as a Twitter clone or alternative. But in an effort to use it uniquely, I plan on making Facebook more personal. Which probably means it'll be photo albums from trips or adventures.
  • Instagram: These are all original photos taken by yours truly using either my iPhone or Olympus camera. I enjoy photography, even when it's mostly just snapshots.
  • Tumblr: I use Tumblr as a sort of lookbook for things that I find visually interesting in one way or another. If you want to get a feel for me as an individual, give it a scroll.


I don’t always focus as much as I should. I'm working on it. I often find myself jumping around different tasks and tabs and windows and notes.

But every now and then (and more frequently mind you), I put all of my resources into one thing. And boom, it’s done in no time.

This is simply a note to myself to spotlight instead of flood. Get it done.

Remember folks, it's not enough to simply feel productive.

Bonus Content

Pardon the language but Daniel Duane said it well when he said...

Vague goals beget vague methods; the unfocused mind is the vulnerable mind, deeply susceptible to bullshit.
— Daniel Duane

Items of Want 042

This is the reminder we all need. I personally have added one of these stickers to my laptop and another to my trusty Stanley thermos. If you're not familiar with She Explores, you need to check things out. And don't be swayed by the name or the tagline. If you're at all inspired by the great outdoors, I highly recommend the She Explores Podcast; quality production with uplifting stories.

The Marion

My wife is adamant about not living in a tiny home so I think I need to find a refuge to call my own. I'm not exactly handy but I'd love to build The Marion in my backyard and have a place for the occasional retreat. Not that I'd be in the dog house or anything but I think it's important to have a space uniquely your own.

The Decision Maker

Do you have trouble making decisions? Well you're in luck. With this tool of decision making power, you can simply let fate decide. No more waste of cognitive load. Just don't use it for evil.

Funny Basswood Cat Back Scratcher

I'm in permanent need of someone to scratch my back and since my wife has a day job, I'm left to deal with things on my own. This device scratches that itch quite well (pun intended) and is way more appealing to look at that those of the usual variety.

[Acquired] Iron & Air Magazine Subscription

As much as I love technology, I still prefer reading in physical form. Maybe it's the feel of thumbing through the pages or the smell of the paper, but print is fantastic. And it's not dead yet. Help keep it alive and support your favorite quality magazine. 

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